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For as long as I can remember I have been an artist. A creator. As I matured, I turned from sketching to makeup artistry. I got serious about makeup when I went off to college, I remember buying a cheap 5-pan eyeshadow palette from a clothing store and I used it literally everywhere on my face because I couldn't afford makeup. I used Q-tips as brushes. I would sit in front of a mirror, for hours at a time, with makeup remover practicing and practicing. My friends started asking me to do their makeup, and I would receive a lot of praise from my peers. It felt amazing when I realized I could make money doing makeup, something that I loved. It took me years after dropping out of college to get serious about makeup again. I moved to New York with $400 and a dream bigger than my hometown. A dream to become a reputable MUA, to own my own cosmetics line, to travel the world holding beauty seminars and open several beauty studio locations. One and a half years later, Kaylux Cosmetics is in business. This is just the beginning. 


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